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Sitsoƒe Wellness is dedicated to promoting individual and collective healing through African-centred dance forms, baked with ancestral philosophies and teachings, particularly the Eʋe (Ewe) worldview.

We believe leaning into traditional wisdoms not only serve as repositories for cultural knowledge, but are useful in understanding traditional and diasporic healing approaches.


Returning to our roots will always serve as a roadmap for forward progression, lending itself to practices that represent and support our healing and wellness journey.

With a growing body of wisdom around traditional dance practices, we recognise they can be used as an inquiry to better understand the intesectionalities within our embodied experiences, leaning into the body’s wisdom and developing a language around sustainable wellness.


About Us

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Sitsoƒe (Eʋe origin) _ Si-cho-fweh noun

Sitsoƒe Wellness offers a safe and sacred space to start the conversation and exploration of self through African-centred dance. These dance mediums are an integral part of our practice, embodying holism, plurality - synergising the mind, body and spirit. All of which are integrated into ritualistic practices, encouraging a holistic experience.

The body remembers what the mind forgets and we believe that dance is the attention it takes to listen, moving closer to our body of work, body of wisdom and body of wellness.


Our hope is that Sitsoƒe Wellness is an invitation into that exploration, helping you find your refuge within self and your community.

We welcome you on this journey.

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