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Empowering. Through. Honouring. our. SITSOƑE

Cultural attitudes continue to colour how some members of society not only talk about mental health and wellness, but how they engage with these services. The growing mistrust around health measures speak to a lack of cultural literacy and progressiveness being reflected in wellness modalities. In a society that houses a diverse population, such exclusionary practices should be under tight scrutiny.

Sitsoƒe Wellness exists as a response to the culture of othering and how this permeates the world of wellness. In our quest to decolonise wellness, we focus on shedding light and giving credence to African thought and paradigms that are seldom recognised for the continuous contribution to holistic health. This elevates modalities that are integrative, alternative and reflective of marginalised communities that are constantly at the mercy of being othered.

This offers space to reconceptualise wellness, opening up the parameters to healing modalities that recognise and hold the complexities and nuances of our experiences. Feeling empowered to move from a space of wellness is revolutionary - a powerful form of resistance and change.


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