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Meet Sitsoƒe

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Photo by Tony Hay

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Mìkatä mìawoe zɔ  (You are all welcome)

My name is Sitsoƒe and I am the birth mother of Sitsoƒe Wellness and lover of all things creative. I love to dance, sing, poeticise, philosophise and I am as goofy as they come, lol! I am passionate about spirituality, holistic health, traditional wisdoms and serving the community, promoting the importance of collective empowerment. 

I am a Holistic Dance Practitioner (and a proud intuitive self healer) that uses African dance forms and Indigenous wisdoms to promote self-love, self-care and overall wellness.


Dance has always played an instrumental part in my life, but I truly witnessed how powerful it was when it presented itself as my teacher and healer during a life-changing experience. I was taught to dance in my darkness, follow the undulations of my upheaval and choreograph my hurt into healing. This experience is what lent impetus to the birth of Sitsoƒe Wellness - my commitment to healing and wellness through dance.

my name serves as a map, always guiding me home.

Wellness is the altar not the sacrifice.


Sitsoƒe means refuge/shelter/a place of comfort. ‘Si’ means to run away and ‘tsoƒe' means origin, which translates to ‘a place that you run to when in danger.’


The meaning of my name has not only shaped my identity but has coloured my relationship with healing. I learned to become my place of refuge and comfort when I stopped seeing myself as the danger I needed to run away from.


I am still learning to cultivate my internal ‘Sitsoƒe', creating a home that accommodates all aspects of my identity. But most importantly, I was able to locate my 'Sitsoƒe' within and begin the journey of returning home.  

Sitsoƒe (Eʋe origin) _ Si-cho-fweh noun

From my own personal and professional experience, I recognised the lack of cultural literacy and integrative practices within many healing modalities. As a black woman, it is my desire to promote modalities that reflect the black experience(s), positioning them at the centre of healing, rather than on the fringes of Eurocentric values. Having systems that validate and normalise experiences rather than problematise them, is the difference between wellness and illness.

So, this is a clarion call for us all to focus inwardly on our internal system, attune to our embodied wisdom and dance towards our wellness - our birthright. May we all move towards creating our individual and collective 'Sitsoƒe', recognising our pharmacy of tools to heal in every way possible.

You are seen, you are held, you are loved.

Davi Sitsoƒe x

(Sister Sitsoƒe)

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