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Sitsoƒe (Eʋe origin) _ Si-cho-fweh noun
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Consulting your SITSOƑE 

  • Initial assessment - a wellness questionnaire

  • 30 minute Consultation on particular need (i.e. low self esteem, anxiety, ancestral trauma)

  • Bespoke programme designed 

  • Guided sessions. Individuals are encouraged to move from their inner wisdom 

   (Sessions are 1hr, 1.5hrs or 3hrs)

    One-One Service 

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Dance Wellness Workshops

  • Ancestral teachings to encourage racial and self esteem

  • Drumming and centering practices

  • Chanting and Affirmations

  • Ritualising self-care and self-love practices

  • Gbɔgbɔ goglo (Intentional Breathing)

We offer 6 - 12 week Programmes (one-one/ groups)

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House Your SITSOƑE Workshops

  • Using Afro-House to promote self-connection and self-love.

  • Making your ‘Sitsofe’ your home.






We offer 6 - 12 week Programmes (one-one/ groups)

Healing Dance Circle

  • Honouring the significance of the circle. Breaking away from old cycles and practices using Ewe multisensory modalities and movement



* Experienced in nature as well as in the studio.


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